At R.P.M. Performance, we understand that to some people, their truck, SUV, or car is just a means to an end — a way to get to work, pick up the kids, or run errands. We also know that, for some people, a vehicle is an important part of their everyday life, that a truck helps get you to work but it also helps you have fun. For some people, a car is as much about who they are as anything else. We’re those kind of people, which is why it is a great idea for you to trust us with your collision repair, Line-X protective coating, and performance needs.

Contact us today to learn about the services that we offer to people who love to love their vehicles. We promise to deliver honest, effective services that will make your truck, car, or SUV, look, run, and perform better. Read on to learn three reasons that we are the right choice when your vehicle needs something special.

Better Performance

Whether you need a new suspension system to help your hot hatch through the corners or a lift kit to help your SUV clear hazards on the trails, R.P.M. Performance has the expertise, training, and skills to do the job right the first time. Our technicians have years of experience in the field and they will always treat your vehicle as if it were their own. Have you added a performance mod to your car and you want to see exactly how much it has improved your vehicle? Give us a call to learn about our dyno testing services.

Better Looks

Improving your car isn’t just about performance. The way your vehicle looks can be almost as important as what is under the hood, so trust R.P.M. Performance to make the style upgrades you’ve always wanted! We offer custom paint and hydrographics, so whatever you dream up, we can make it happen. From subtle to over-the-top, we want to be a part of it! If you want a new look for your truck or SUV but you also want the best protection possible, ask us about Line-X. Line-X makes the best spray-on bedliners but the material can also be used along the bottom of your doors, wheel wells, and many other surfaces.

A Better Fit

Changing the performance and look of your car, SUV, or truck is all about making it more perfect for you. When we talk about a “better fit,” we’re talking about turning your vehicle into a machine that feels like it was made just for you. Modern cars are produced in huge numbers, which means that is is difficult to own a vehicle that feels like it only yours. By modifying the performance of your vehicle, painting it, adding a Line-X protective coating, or lifting or lowering your vehicle, we are helping you to have a vehicle that is distinctly yours.

If you’re ready to add the car and truck accessories that you’ve always wanted to your vehicle, give our Burlington shop a call. We offer free estimates on the accessories and services that you need!