R.P.M. Performance and LINE-X of Burlington offer a full range of premium services to help local drivers restore and improve their vehicles for every adventure. We offer a full range of truck accessories and LINE-X sprays to protect your ride from the top down.

If you are not convinced that LINE-X spray-in bedliners are worth the investment, then keep reading for our six reasons why you should choose our product and service. You can also check out our customer projects for inspiration before giving us a call!

Versatile Spray Options

While many locations offer LINE-X sprays to cover the essential needs, our Burlington shop is here to cover nearly every conceivable customer demand. We offer a full range of LINE-X sprays, including:

  • STANDARD — Our original spray-on liner is ideal for most drivers, relying on superior chemistry to deliver impressive tensile and tear strengths.
  • PREMIUM — Keep your spray-on coating safe with added UV protection, delivering lasting beauty after any adventure.
  • PRO — Rated to be 300% tougher, LINE-X PRO is ideal for jobsite professionals and those who regularly subject their vehicles to tough conditions.
  • PLATINUM — Protect from extreme conditions with premium protection, featuring ideal results for impacts, staining, and UV damage.
  • XTRA — Combined with rugged technology and color-matching capabilities, you can truly customize your vehicle with R.P.M. Performance and LINE-X of Burlington.
  • RENEW — Our signature repair coating, RENEW is ideal for restoring old, faded spray-on bedliners back to their original beauty (plus the strength and versatility of our formulation!).

Defend From Moisture

The seamless finish of LINE-X bonds at the molecular level, ensuring no gaps or cracks in your spray-on liner. This results in ideal protection from leaks and subsequent rust and corrosion. If you’re worried about the bed of your truck and how it will perform after years of hard use, turn to LINE-X sprays for peace of mind.

Protect From Damage

One of the biggest selling points of our polyurea protection is the incredible balance between strength and flexibility, protecting your truck bed from every angle and impact. You can keep scrapes, scratches, dents, dings, gouges, and stains at bay and focus on making the most out of every adventure.

Rely On Lasting Results

While drop-in liners provide protection, sooner or later you will be faced with having to replace the liner (and deal with any rust beneath!). LINE-X spray-on bedliners boast an ideal bond, ensuring that your surface is protected for the long haul. Our products are rated to last a long time, longer than the lifespan of your vehicle. This application adds value, which is meant to stay put.

Customize Your Finish

R.P.M. Performance and LINE-X of Burlington are passionate about helping bring dream projects to life, and part of our approach includes hydrographics and custom painting. We know how to implement custom finishes to meet every professional and personal demand, and that expands into our LINE-X services. You can implement a logo, update the color of your spray-on coating, and more!

Benefit From Lasting Coverage

LINE-X coatings are guaranteed not to bubble, crack, or flake, protecting you and your investment from any impurities or issues involved with our product or application process. Our product is rated to last a lifetime, but if for some reason you experience issues with your bed liner, take your vehicle into any LINE-X authorized dealer for fast, complimentary repairs. Even if the damage does fall outside of our coverage terms, you can benefit from cost-effective repairs.

Make an Appointment Online

LINE-X of Burlington specializes in providing superior finishes, plain and simple. We’re excited to show you what a LINE-X spray-in bedliner can do for your vehicle’s capabilities, and we’ll be happy to show you just how simple and effective the process can be.

Contact us online, fill out our form, and we’ll be in touch with a quote and to schedule your LINE-X service!