Winter can be tough on your vehicle, even if you drive an SUV or truck. The cold temperatures and slick roads can make what should be a fast, simple drive to work or the store long, uncomfortable, or treacherous. To make sure that you are prepared for the long winter months, you need the right truck accessories.

At R.P.M. Performance in Burlington, we have a wide selection of wheels, tires, custom tunes, and many more ways to improve your vehicle. If you were involved in an accident on an icy road, our full-service collision center can get your vehicle back to like-new condition! Contact us today to learn more about our shop or for a free quote on Line-X . Read to on for more information about how we can ensure that you are ready to take on the winter.

Tires and Wheels

When the roads get icy and slick, it doesn’t take a lot to lose traction. Even four-wheel drive vehicles aren’t exempt from slipping and sliding. One of the best ways to keep yourself safe and on the road is with a new set of tires. Whether you need dedicated snow tires or a good set of all-seasons, R.P.M. Performance can help. We carry tires from some of the best brands on the planet that are made with the best-designed treads and features to safeguard you while you’re driving.

We also have a wide range of wheels for your truck or SUV. An extra set of wheels and winter tires makes swapping out between seasons a lot easier. If you have a set of wheels with a finish that you are worried about damaging, a set of wheels that look more plain could be a great way to protect the other wheels while still having a set for the winter. Find a new set of strong truck wheels at R.P.M. Performance today!

Braking Systems

One of the scariest moments that any driver faces is the feeling of dread — the tightening of your chest, the heavy feeling in your stomach — when you step on your brakes in the middle of winter and your car locks up and starts to go out of control. While having good tires can help, a brake system that is in good shape is imperative to a winter (and all other seasons) without accidents. Whether you need a brake pad replacement or you need new pads or rotors, we are ready to help.

Collision Repair

No one wants to think about getting into an accident, but it does happen. If you are unfortunate enough to have dinged up your truck, our state-of-the-art collision center is ready to restore your vehicle to pristine condition. With the latest technology, a deep well of knowledge, and the latest in body shop technology, there is almost nothing that we can’t fix.

We are ready to help you get your vehicle ready for winter. We are Burlington’s go-to shop for the latest truck accessories, including Line-X bed liners, suspension upgrades, lights, lift kits, and more. Contact us today to get started!

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