While a spray-on bedliner may not be the best application for your off-road vehicle, it’s important to remember that the full range of benefits associated with LINE-X sprays can be applied across nearly any surface on your Jeep. If you plan on putting your off-road machine through the most rigorous conditions, or you wish to make an impression anywhere you travel, the long-lasting value of LINE-X can prove to be a wise investment!

Jeep Tubs

One quick and effective way to eliminate concern for the interior of your older vehicle is to LINE-X your tub. Many drivers invest in some form of protection to keep their tub (the big singular piece which comprises the body) clean and safe.

One thing to keep in mind with your LINE-X coating is its finish and efficiency. LINE-X of Burlington can create a clean, sharp finish, eliminating overspray, to create a factory-quality finish, which will keep your interior protected for the long haul.

Fender Flares

Your off-road tires look impressive and deliver ideal traction on the trails, but they likely do not do any favors for the look and appeal of your vehicle’s fender flares. Jeep fenders and flares are more aggressive than those on typical vehicles, extending outward to cover the wheels in a stylish fashion. These 4 points 

Jeep Steps

Getting a leg up into the cab of your off-road machine can prove helpful, especially if you invest in aftermarket truck steps to add to the rugged aesthetics of your Jeep. LINE-X of Burlington offers professional coverage across a wide range of truck accessories, including nerf bars, running boards, and step bars. Regardless of your style or step type, we can offer our protective coatings in a variety of colors to create an ideal finish.


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Rocker Panels

Strong, sturdy, and built to reinforce the frame of your Jeep, the rocker panels serve a vital function on cramped trails and hazardous highways. LINE-X coatings can help to add another layer of protection to your rocker panels, providing complete protection from rust, as well as a variety of dings and dents. 

If you plan on taking your Jeep crawling through some pretty risky terrain, it may prove well worth the investment to LINE-X your rocker panels and other vital components. Check out our customer projects to see our LINE-X’d jeeps, including covered bumpers, to find inspiration for your build!


From stylish and aggressive to functional and modern, Jeep bumpers are available in a vast range of options to fit your style and meet your on-road demands. These elements also take on a lot of the damage of the road, including roadborne gravel and debris, minor impacts from rocks or vehicles in parking lots, and more. A standard LINE-X coating can do much to preserve your Jeep’s bumpers, resisting a variety of dents, dings, scratches, and gouges to create a ruggedly handsome outcome, even after years of quality use.

Skid Plates

Keeping your Jeep safe from physical damage and protecting it from long-term concerns of rust and corrosion should be among your top priorities. Many drivers opt for the extreme protection of LINE-X to protect their skid plates, delivering an additional layer of protection from damaging trails and unexpected impacts. Steel plates help to provide rugged protection for critical components on the underside of your vehicle, serving as the impact surface to absorb incoming damage. Over time, these impacts can leave your steel exposed to moisture and subsequent corrosion.

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