As Washington continues to manage the coronavirus restrictions, many residents find themselves in the garage. You spend a lot of time in your truck, SUV, or Jeep, and you are now ready to take the next step to protect your vehicle in order to gain more value and versatility. A quick search of protective coatings will reveal that polyurea coatings serve as the industry leader, with LINE-X Coatings leading the pack.

LINE-X of Burlington is here to help outfit your vehicle for the next adventure. Whether you plan on taking on the trails this summer or you’re working full-time on the jobsite, it pays to find the right protection for the job. Our spray-on bed liners are here to provide exceptional results for your vehicle, available in numerous formulas to meet your needs and budget. And we’re open during this time and ready to serve Burlington!

Which LINE-X spray is right for your project? Keep reading to learn more, and see what steps we are taking to stay safe during the COVID-19 crisis.


The golden standard for premium spray-on bed liners, LINE-X STANDARD is here to deliver proven protection where you need it most. After more than 20 years of impressive performance, this polyurea coating is ready to serve as your knight in shining armor against the onslaught of weather, wear and tear, and more.

LINE-X of Burlington is here to deliver the professionalism and attention to detail needed to generate the best results for your vehicle. Our STANDARD spray-on liner delivers all of the advantages you need to take on the trail and the highway:

  • Minimize stains from harsh chemicals and caustic agents
  • Defend from dents, dings, scratches, gouges, and more
  • Eliminate leaks and keep rust out
  • Form-fitting finish delivers unbeatable aesthetics
  • Guaranteed not to bubble, crack, or peel
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


Working professionals rely on protective coatings to protect their vehicles after years of heavy use. In order to get the most out of their investment, many contractors turn to LINE-X PRO for added strength and durability. This advanced formula adheres to exceptional physical specifications, ensuring ideal performance after years of use.


Those looking for long-lasting beauty for their protective coating can turn to LINE-X PREMIUM for proven strength plus UV protection. If you spend a lot of time outside subjecting your truck to the sun’s harmful rays, then the PREMIUM spray is ideal for maintaining a fresh look year after year. This spray-on bed liner safeguards your vehicle from the sun, delivering ideal protection and a strong resistance to fading. LINE-X PREMIUM still yields an incredible tensile strength (nearly 2,2,00 psi!) and tear strength (just under 490 pounds per inch), delivering peace of mind no matter the wear and tear.


How can we make the very best spray-on bed liner even better? LINE-X Protective Coatings released the LINE-X PLATINUM series, featuring ideal bonding at the molecular level to maximize the protection and flexibility of your polyurea coating. This spray delivers uncompromising strength, rating a tensile strength of just over 3,000 psi. When it comes to protection in the field, you can abuse your vehicle’s surfaces without worry of dents and scratches.


For those in search of a little extra more, LINE-X of Burlington can assist with custom color options through our XTRA series. Our technicians can install the right color combination to make your vehicle pop, whether it’s a cool blue or candy-apple red. Our LINE-X coatings are available in multiple colors for multiple applications, giving you full control over the look and protection of your truck, Jeep, or SUV.

We also offer custom painting and hydrographics to fine-tune your vehicle’s look and generate an aesthetic you’ll be proud of. Check out more of the services from R.P.M. Performance and LINE-X of Burlington to customize your ride today!


Whether your truck bed liner was comprised of inferior materials or it is finally breaking down after years of heavy use in the sunshine, you may now be looking for restorative services to bring your system back to life in a very cost-effective manner. LINE-X RENEW is the industry’s only bed liner enhancement system designed to repair old and damaged polyurea or polyurethane coatings.

Regardless of your current truck bed liner, LINE-X of Burlington can deliver professional results to fix, restore, and protect your vehicle for the long haul. In addition to being restored to its original condition, your spray-on bed liner will now also benefit from UV protection.

Ready for the Best Bed Liner in the Industry?

LINE-X of Burlington and R.P.M Performance are here to help generate the highest level of enjoyment from your vehicle, whether that includes excursions in the backcountry or reliable performances on the jobsite. We offer complete vehicle services to meet your needs, from collision repairs to truck accessories, custom tuning, and more.

Ready to experience the unbeatable protection of LINE-X coatings? Check out some of our customer projects for inspiration, and be sure to contact us to receive your project estimate!