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Brake Service & Replacement

Burlington’s Master Certified Brake Mechanics

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Let Us Keep Your Vehicle’s Brakes Safe & Reliable

Your vehicle’s brakes are one of its most important features. And proper brake maintenance is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you stay safe on the road. At R.P.M. Performance, our ASE master certified mechanics provide expert brake service and brake replacement for a wide range of vehicle makes and models in Burlington, WA. From brake pads to brake rotors, we inspect and maintain your braking system so that it works when you need it most. And if your brakes need replacing, we’ll let you know and replace them at a tremendous value. If your vehicle is in need of brake service or replacement, contact us today!



When Should I Call For A Brake Service Or Replacement?

  • Your brakes feel squishy
  • It takes your vehicle longer to stop
  • Your brakes keep getting louder and louder
  • You got new, larger tires and wheels
  • It has been between 25,000 and 50,000 miles since your brakes were last replaced

Why Choose R.P.M?

Brake Pad Service & Replacement

Your vehicle’s braking system is made up of two primary components: pads and rotors. Brake pads are made out of materials that grip the brake rotor when you step on the brake pedal in your car. While brake pads are made from exceptionally strong materials, they eventually wear down over time.

Routinely scheduling a brake service with R.P.M. allows our ASE master certified brake mechanics to inspect your brake pads and ensure they’re working as intended. This can also help you identify potential problems before they require more costly repairs or replacement.

If you’ve noticed that your brakes are squeaking very loudly or that they take longer to slow down your vehicle, it might mean that they need to be replaced. Most brakes are rated to last for 50,000 miles of normal driving, though some vehicles use pads that need to be replaced every 25,000 miles.

Don’t take any chances. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for brake service or replacement today!

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Brake Rotor Service & Replacement

Out of the two main brake system components, your vehicle’s rotors are most noticeable with the wheels off the car. Brake rotors are large, flat metal discs in your vehicle’s brake system. Your rotors are the section of your brakes that the pads clamp down onto in order to slow your vehicle.

While brake pads have a general lifespan that you should follow for replacing them, brake rotors should receive routine inspections and service to keep them working properly over time. Your rotors can become warped and warped rotors will make your vehicle shake whenever you apply the brakes. Stopping will also take longer.

Our highly skilled brake mechanics handle both brake service and replacement for rotors, so contact us today and schedule an inspection so we can help keep your vehicle safe and reliable on the road!

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What Are You Waiting For? Contact R.P.M Performance Today!

At R.P.M. Performance, our ASE master certified brake mechanics strive to provide the highest quality and value to each of our customers. Our skilled mechanics expertly service or replace your vehicle’s brakes, ensuring they work when you need them most. For the best brake service or replacement in Burlington, WA, contact us today!


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