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Our shop in Burlington offers custom tuning services to help drivers achieve the best results from their vehicles. We offer a complete range of products and support to help you meet your driving goals, from long-lasting efficiency to immediate performance boosts and more. A few of our most common upgrades include:

  • Air filters — Reduce restrictions to maximize airflow with an improved air filter, or rely on a new system for added performance.
  • Air flow meter — Customize your air flow with a larger volume meter, or fine-tune your management system for added results.
  • Turbocharger — Add turbo to your vehicle or increase your turbo boost pressure for more effective shifting and faster lap times.
  • Pistons — Achieve engine balance with improved performance through updated pistons, designed to work under more extreme conditions.
  • Spark plugs — You’ll likely benefit from upgraded spark plugs to accommodate the additional heat generated.
  • Valves — Enhance your valve springs for tighter movement and better performance, or invest in large valves to improve timing.
  • Camshaft — Achieve better high-speed performance with a cam designed to increase the time and clearance of each valve. 
  • Muffler — You can maximize air flow while retaining the right air quality to boost vehicle power. Mufflers come in a variety of shapes and styles for personalized results.

From fuel management to supercharger and intercooler systems, R.P.M. Performance has the experience and equipment to tune your vehicle to perfection!

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When it comes to high-performance car tuning, it’s important to ensure that you have the right components and support to prevent issues later on. Our vehicle tuning professionals in Burlington can help you achieve the right results for your driving needs. Customize your car or truck to improve dynamic handling and engine performance, and be sure to rely on our other vehicle services to perfect your ride.

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