Window tinting is about much more than just making your truck, car, or SUV look sleek and cool. Tinting makes it easier for you to drive when it is very sunny out because it blocks a lot of light from coming into the car. By reducing the light streaming into the windows, tinting also helps protect your upholstery and your dash from fading and sun damage. If you want the best window tinting in Burlington, come to R.P.M. Performance! We will tint your windows for a great price and you can rest easy knowing that the work was done right. Call us today for more information or an appointment to have your windows tinted!

  1. Why You Should Have Your Windows Tinted

    While the sun does a lot of good for us, sometimes it can be just plain annoying. Whether it is shining in our eyes or turning the interiors of a our vehicles into an oven, some days we just can’t wait for the night time. Luckily, there is a way to reduce the blistering impact of the sun while you…Read More