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Pop-Up Tents, Lifts, Suspension Upgrades, and More!

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Is Your Overland Vehicle Ready for Adventure?

You bought that off-road vehicle for a reason, and at R.P.M Performance, our experts can turn your truck, jeep, or SUV into a capable overland machine. No matter the make or model, our team can find and install the perfect gear for your ride, so you can hit the backcountry in confidence. From pop-up tents and tonneau covers to lift kits, suspension upgrades, winches, front bumpers and more, you can depend on the high quality products and friendly service at R.P.M Performance. Stop by our auto shop in Burlington, or give us a call to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team!





  • Pop-up tent for rooftop camping
  • Lift kit and suspension upgrade
  • New front bumper with a winch
  • Tonneau cover
  • Roof racks
  • Lift kits and other off-road upgrades


Why Choose R.P.M?


Overlanding involves taking a vehicle to remote, minimally explored terrain and living out there for days, weeks, or even months at a time. It gives explorers a practical opportunity to immerse themselves in forgotten cultures, learning about themselves and others every step of the way. Overlanding is not about a destination; it is a type of adventure that is entirely focused on the journey.

To people who aren’t familiar with the thrill of overlanding, it might just seem like it is simply another form of camping. “Oh good,” they may say, “you are going to take a car out to the woods or the desert and spend time out there? Without the routine comforts of home or a coffee shop? No thanks!”

On the other hand, seasoned overlanders view it more as a way of life. They understand the true adventure it entails, and how the journey itself gives splendid opportunities to learn, bond, and build a durable spirit. While camping is about escaping the modern world, overlanding is about earning memorable life experiences.


History of Overlanding

Even the term “overlanding” implies adventure and exploration! Famously, overlanding began in the Australian Outback, when early ranchers drove livestock over long distances. These livestock-driving trips exposed the ranchers to the original peoples and cultures of the Outback, while also giving them a chance to learn about their trade, their fellow travelers, and themselves.

Now, you may not have a practical way to transport your modern overlanding vehicle to the Australian Outback, but you can still feel the spirit of overlanding. Instead of taking heavily used routes to random picnic tables on your next offroading trip, make it a memory that stands out. Push your vehicle to its limits and explore terrain that hasn’t been seen by human eyes in years or even decades.

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The R.P.M. Performance team can equip your truck, Jeep, or SUV with everything it needs to handle remote, under-explored terrain.

Pop-up tents are one of our most popular upgrades for overlanding (or even car camping trips). They sit neatly on top of your vehicle and provide you with protection from the elements, no matter where you set up camp.

Winches are powerful pieces of equipment that can pull your vehicle out of a tough spot if it gets stuck. They can also be used to help fellow travelers get out of sticky situations. Winches are absolutely necessary for overlanding, and the R.P.M Performance team can install the perfect winch for your ride.


Contact Our Overland Auto Shop in Burlington!

Pop-up tents and winches are just two of the vehicle upgrades you will need for your overland adventures. At R.P.M. Performance, our experts can help you find the perfect lift kit, suspension system, tonneau cover, roof rack, and other off-road equipment for your adventures. If you need it to go beyond the trails and take on the great outdoors, you can count on us to provide you with the best gear at competitive prices. Stop by our auto shop in Burlington, or give us a call today to get started!


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