1. LINE-X® for Your SUV

    When you think about LINE-X, you probably picture a tough, spray-on bed liner that is designed to protect the bed of a truck from rust, scratches, and even chemical spills. That isn’t all that LINE-X is good for, though. The LINE-X formula is versatile enough that it can be applied to almost any s…Read More

  2. R.P.M. Performance Has the Truck Accessories You Need

    At R.P.M. Performance in Burlington, we carry a large number of the most useful and in-demand truck accessories. These accessories are a great way to make your truck look cooler while also creating a vehicle that is unique and designed to perfectly meet all of your needs. Whether you drive your truc…Read More

  3. Get Your Truck or SUV Ready for Winter

    Winter can be tough on your vehicle, even if you drive an SUV or truck. The cold temperatures and slick roads can make what should be a fast, simple drive to work or the store long, uncomfortable, or treacherous. To make sure that you are prepared for the long winter months, you need the right truck…Read More

  4. Three Reasons to Take Your Vehicle to R.P.M. Performance

    At R.P.M. Performance, we understand that to some people, their truck, SUV, or car is just a means to an end — a way to get to work, pick up the kids, or run errands. We also know that, for some people, a vehicle is an important part of their everyday life, that a truck helps get you to work but i…Read More

  5. Why You Should Have Your Windows Tinted

    While the sun does a lot of good for us, sometimes it can be just plain annoying. Whether it is shining in our eyes or turning the interiors of a our vehicles into an oven, some days we just can’t wait for the night time. Luckily, there is a way to reduce the blistering impact of the sun while you…Read More

  6. Why You Need a Line-X® Bedliner

    While modern trucks are amazing machines that have been engineered to withstand incredible amounts of abuse, taking one simple precaution can help prolong not just the life and functionality of your truck, but also the way it looks. A Line-X spray-on bedliner is an excellent addition to any truck, n…Read More

  7. Equip Your Vehicle With Only With the Best

    At R.P.M. Performance in Burlington, we understand how important it is to make your truck, car, or SUV perfect for you. That’s why we offer the very best parts and services to all of our customers. When you want to add something special to your vehicle to make it perform or look the way that fits …Read More