When we started R.P.M. Performance, we wanted to create a shop for people who love their trucks and SUVs. Whether you drive your truck every day for work or you take your SUV out on the trails over the weekend, we want to make sure that you’ve got everything you need. Whether this means a new set of tires or a full off-road build-out — lift kit, new wheels and tires, a better suspension, and a winch, we’re prepared to bring your dream truck into the real world.

Do you need a trailer hitch so you can haul your boat to the lake? Do you need a tonneau cover to protect your work or camping gear? Does your work van need shelving so you can stay better organized at the job site? R.P.M. Performance is ready to make it happen.

In addition to offering all of the gear that will transform your vehicle into a customized machine that does everything you want it to, we also offer collision repair and dyno testing. Give us a call today to learn about all of the ways we can help trick out your truck, or set up an appointment to have your new truck accessories installed by the most skilled and passionate technicians in the Burlington area.